The War of Winds, by KEZ. The Land of Seven Moons, Tsa-Ru'c

World Setting:

This story takes place on the World of Seven Moons: "Tsa-Ru'c". Yes. It does have seven moons, yes, it is another planet. A very large map with a few teasers can be found below.

Places: Ci'Endis | Shi'li | Gan-go | The Sacred Isles | Sanlaga

CI'ENDIS is a country in the equatorial region of the major continent that spans ocean to ocean. The western aspect is mostly jungle, but the far eastern portion is an abrupt plateau that rises above the clouds called The Seshen'a Tsa, or Forest of Stones. It is called such because of the massive boulders that are jumbled together, with hints of ancient carvings and architecture. Whatever might have been there came from so long ago however, that massive forests have long since overgrown the evidence.

The Forest of Stones is home to a vicious, man-eating species called the Oonaka, whose expeditions into human lands is monitored by the Shan.

The Forest of Stones appeared in Chapter 10.


SHI'LI (SHEE-lee) is the trading capital of the planet and is located on a peninsula on the eastern edge of the major continent, forming the Bay of Storm. The bay is called such because it is home to naturally occuring maelstrom which pulls in storms from the sea.

Shi'li is also the home of the Stormrunners, people with the ability to control the wind and weather.Stormrunners have all taken the Peace Oath, which means they have sworn to not use their abilities in war, only for the safety of Shi'li and to facilitate ocean travel.

Shi'li appeared in Chapter 9 Part III.


GAN-GO is the name of a southern, island-continent connected via an archipelago to the rest of the world. It is sub-tropical, and is mostly high, rolling plains that are broken by clumps of ancient forest. Storms and flooding are frequent and expected. Many small towns are scattered across the land, and each is not only built on a hillside, it also possesses two distinct districts: the Upper City and the Lower City. As deduced by their names, the name depends on altitude, but also on wealth. Not many people enter or leave Gan-go due to the danger of crossing the ocean. Therefore it is also considered the backwater continent of the world.

GORANGA is small village where Chapters 1-3 took place. Like most Gan-gonian cities, it consists of a wealthier upper city and a poor lower city, which refers to both altitude and socioeconomic status.

GRONDAGA is the largest city within five days ride from Goranga. It contains a Citadel, a fortress/palace at the top of the Upper City, where the wealthy govern. Grondaga has a privately maintained army commanded by the elite who live in the Citidel. Grondaga is a city that was built on the remnants of an older city, and ruins can be seen throughout, mainly in the form of giant, iron I-beams and roads. Some ancient buildings still stand, but most have fallen into large stones that clutter roads and fields. Siveki Ornadyo once taught classes in the Citadel as a renowned scholar. Much of his work there focused excavating the ruins beneath the city. Grondaga is where chapters 6-9 take place.


THE SACRED ISLES: These are a cluster of high, cliffed islands at the equator of the planet that are surrounded by a nearly impenetrable barrier reef called the Fringe. Twelve of the largest islands are connected by bridges, and each island is home to one of the twelve Ayenroki clans. The Fringe has appeared in the story in flashbacks in chapter 9, starting here. It is also where Caspian dropped off Ian in Interim Chapter I.



SANLAGA is the northernmost occupied continent. It is large and crescent shaped, possessing two major mountain ranges: the smaller Ekolkla Mountains and the very large Carin-Laruth Range. Both mountain ranges are visible from the Fortress of Ca-dalèn. The only other major city on Sanlaga is Nangemi, a fishing port far south of Ca-dalèn.

This Fortress is home to Knights of Ca-dalèn, an order of warriors (both men and women) who are led by the Weapons Master—a man or woman who knows and can teach the use of nearly every weapon of war. The Knights of Ca-dalèn are loyal followers of the North Wind, and consider themselves under his protection. They are the only people in the world that can, without a doubt, consider him their guardian. The Knights were slaughtered to man in The Past, with only Caspian and Ian surviving. Ca-dalen translates as "place of tears." For more, please click the image at right.


Creatures: The Four Winds | Ayenroki | Shan | Keyen

AYENROKI: The Sacred Isles are home to the Ayenroki, a race of half-men, half-beasts who, for the main part, are warriors. All full-blooded Ayenroki possess tails, fangs, lengthened ears and unnatural height and weight. They do not often leave the Isles, and are considered a myth in the human world--a scary myth. Their only human allies are the Knights at Ca-dalèn.

The Ayenroki don't require much in the way of government, and have only one major political/legislative/judicial body: The Three Elders of the Halls of Life. Chosen by fighting prowess and overall intelligence by an open vote, the Elders remain in charge until they die.

The Ayenroki are very close followers of the Four Winds, and consider themselves the closest allies of the legendary guardians.

Skilled Ayenroki are taught the art of Rrah'ashi, which translates to "use of Energy for war." Rrah'ashi is the manipulation of internal and external energy fields.


SHAN: The Shan are an organization composed of human and Keyen pairs who have a kind of telepathic link with each other. This link may occur at any age, and to those who are receptive, will draw the two together until they meet or one dies. Shan are usually trained to become guardians, and the first established Shan pair who comes across them must take responsibility for that training. Once training is complete, Shan will provide protection for outlying human settlements

KEYEN are canine or feline (or a mix) animals with human-level (or beyond) intelligence. There are 12 Keyen Clans that are distinct from each other with specific abilities.

Shan and Keyen first appeared in Chapter 10.

THE FOUR WINDS: Very old, very powerful, but not gods and never worshipped as such. The Four Winds are guardians, and each protects a different element of life.

The South Wind, An'soru, was the first of his brothers. As the eldest, he is also the wisest. He was made to keep the physical word in balance. The form he was given can best be described as a lion. Lions do not naturally exist on this planet.

The East Wind, Kü, was the second of the Four Winds. His form can best be described as a dragon, but like lions, dragons do not exist on this planet. Kü's job was protection of the soul/metaphysical. The East Wind betrayed his brothers and no longer assumes his role of guardian.

The third Wind was the North Wind. His form can best be described as a wolf, but (you guessed it), wolves don't naturally exist here! Having no name, the North Wind called himself Tempest. Having no purpose, he decided he would protect whatever he saw fit. He and Kü are now bitter rivals.

The final Wind was the West Wind, named Rahn, and his form is closest to a horse. He protects nature and living things. The Winds have appeared in the comic in both the introduction as well as Interim Chapter II (spoilers if you haven't gotten there!) They can therefore also be found on the Cast Page.