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Ehranah Guest Art

August 8, 2009

Few things make me happier than to receive guest arts! (hint hint! Though fan mail is nice too :D)

This HAWT rendition of Ehranah comes from Laura Melis of Tomb of the King fame, a completed fantasy epic...which just came out with a sequel that promises just as much awesomeness!

These are two comics that have been on my favorites list since I was passed a link to ToTK way back when! Since then, I've been eagerly awaiting ToTK2. Laura does not disappoint, so please go check her comics out!

Thanks so much, Laura!

Chapter 8 Page 17

August 2, 2009

Holy freakface what a horrible end of the weekend! I nearly said "screw it" to this comic because I was lacking any motivation at all to do creative work. All I wanted to do was vanish. Climb a mountain or something. Get lost in a city and eat at a small restaurant hidden in a back alley. Anything BUT sit in my computer chair and smell dog poop. Because no matter how many sticks of incense I burned...nothing cut this stench. D:

In other news, don't forget about my first ever CONTEST! ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS TO SUBMIT FUNNY THINGS! Here's a repost from last week:

The Make KEZ Laugh Contest!

Text details here, video details below! (Yes, that is meee! I'm not a guy, dammit.)

On Today's Page:

Well, damn. Ravar's getting flailed alive! Neener neener! Check the forum for sketch pages of what is coming next! Two are up. Working hard to TRY to get a buffer in time for the semester. Failed miserably this week. Argleblargle.

There's a bunch of hints on this page as to what is coming next in the story. I've always been a "read between the lines" kind of scripter. Some people appreciate that. Some people hate it. So here's a hint: Re-read what Ehranah is saying in the first panel, then ask yourself whose actions are not making any sense considering the current predicament. Then ask yourself why.

It's not really important at ALL for book one, so I'll spill some beans about the importance of the Key here. The Key is immensely powerful. It is kept OUT of human hands (excepting the Knights at Ca-dalen, who no longer exist...) because they cannot handle the responsibility. Whoever is the Keeper of the Key has the power to BEND events to suit them. In a normal human, since they are unable to control the "siphon of life," as Ehranah called it, can do only basic things: protect themselves and those/things they love. Somehow, nearly all events, regardless of how they are seen as negative in that moment, work towards the goal of the Keeper. An Ayenroki for instance, able to host the Key AND use Rrah'ashi, could theoretically do much more. Control world events, for instance.

On the Isles, the Key is kept in complete seclusion. The Keeper is selected through a long, tedious process to ensure that he or she will not try to use the power for ill. When hosting the Key, the Host is isolated, not able to contact family or friends, until the term of hosting is complete. This is one responsibility given to the Ayenroki by the North Wind.

Interesting, but not really necessary! What else on this page...ah! The alcohol thing! Any toxic or debilitating substance is forbidden. Ayenroki who lose control of their mental state...well...they've got that whole greyken thing to worry about, y'know? If the human loses control, the beast takes over. It's very dangerous.

Lastly, events in this chapter happen much differently than in the novel. It was just too hard to directly translate it, so I'm making the comic version a little more transparent. A little. The glow in the final panel ought to give a hint that SOMETHING is going on.

An aside, Ehranah explains what the kireken does near the end of this chapter.

That's it from me! Vote TWC for a sketch of a panel that didn't make it into this week's comic!