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Chapter 8 Page 14

July 5, 2009


I finished all 4 poster prints this past week! You can buy them as digital wallpapers, view the thumbnails here! Two more wallpapers from the other 2 posters are coming soon. You can vote for some close ups of the 3rd poster, featuring the Oa from Not Alone by clicking the thumbnail. Donate more than 5 bucks for extra TWoW pages....and I'll send you the donator wallpaper gallery link for "free!" Two birds with one stone. Good deal!

July 8: Ever Hear of the Nostalgia Critic?

No? Well, neither had I until my buddy Canterrain passed me his link. Movie fans, this guy is a must-watch. The review of Red Sonja is my favorite so far. Then Gargoyles. Anyways, this Canterrain fellow who is my buddy made a homage to the Nostalgia Critic...with his own sci-fi geek twist. IF YOU ARE A STAR TREK/DR.WHO/STAR WARS FAN, go see! He gets paid as well, so EVERY VIEW COUNTS!

And then vote for Demolition Man in the poll below. Canterrain will do Firefly on his own time anyways, since he is a a Browncoat through and through.

On Today's Page

: I decided to really try to visually display what is NOT visible to the naked eye in this page. Ravar and Ehranah could probably see that ashi (life force), but Vrin could not. Well...hey...maybe Vrin could, actually. Normal people could not. And wow, Ehranah is wearing different clothing! What's up with that?! Who's seen the Matrix or knows what Tel'Aran'Rhiod is? Let's get a couple guesses. It's pretty simple, actually.

This is a series of pages I've been looking forward to drawing for quite some time. For one, a certain tailless person will be appearing with a tail quite soon. Two, everything is pretty light on the backgrounds. Third, ok, if you haven't guessed it already, something about Talon's past is about to be revealed. But mostly, I'm looking forward to using some transparency and some infinite canvas techniques. It's fun switching gears.

Guess What!

The Not Alone books arrive this week! I'm so excited! I will only be keeping THREE. One for a contest I'll be starting in a couple weeks, and one for myself, and one to give away as a gift. Probably to my thesis advisor, if she wants it. The other 47 I will be selling. Whatever is left after the arts festival I'm going to be in next week, I will be selling on the site for $11.

All other merchandise that is left will be put into a store on this site at a MUCH cheaper price that you can find at Cafepress or Printfection. The posters hopefully will be beautiful, and I hope to sell them all. Except 1. WHICH WILL BE GOING ON MY WALL. I should get everything by Thursday.

There will be another videoblog next monday/tuesday, with pictures from the festival and details on the contest.

Lastly, don't forget about the Not Alone epilogue pages! I'm too tired to raise the price and redo all my links, so you can still buy the three pages for 3.19. Details on that, and why I'm asking for that instead of offering it free, here.

Transformers 2 Review

First, the critics unfairly ripped this movie apart. It got a 2/10 in my local paper. I'd give it a 6/10. It was very entertaining, with some very cool fight/chase/battle scenes. I say that as a woman who zones out during Braveheart scenes despite their badassery. There were great effects, and very timely use of slow-motion so there was none of that Bourne close-up blur things going on.

Yes, everything that has been said about the dick/fart jokes is horribly true. I might have given this movie a 7 if 2 characters had been left out entirely, or had died horribly. BUT, it did not ruin the movie, and if you can dismount from your high and mighty tightass horse, you can laugh at them too, alongside the 12-year-olds going through puberty.

Anyway, I'd see it again, probably. I rate movies purely on whether they entertained me, not whether they change my life or my character. This movie was HIGHLY entertaining, especially for fans. If you liked the first movie, you'll like the second.