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Chapter 9 - Still Alive - Page 25

April 18, 2011

...I had 2.5 hours to do this page, and I am completely unapologetic. After all, I've been mentioning things will probably be changing here stylewise for the past few weeks. Whether or not things will stay this way, I'm not really sure. Probably not, but I'll certainly be jumping around with styles in the coming weeks.

Regarding typo: I received emails, direct messages, and comments. If typos are what it takes to make people comment...maybe I'll put in a bit more of them from now on. :P

Moving on!

You guys remember these video blogs I used to do? Well I finally did another one!

Comment Replies

Xanthine: as I told Mvmarcz, he will do something you won't expect, followed by something you probably would expect. ;)

MP: Ceiosin...Osin...Hmm.... ;)

Mark: I'm writing this from jail, yes. It's too late. Mary has joined Jeo living inside of my head. Also, it's a tarp.

Snudden: Guess who is on the next page ZOMG.

Thanks for the comments, guys!

Last week's still pertintent news

April 26th marks my SEVENTH year of webcomicking. That is amazing and sad and awesome and depressing all at the same time. When I started this comic, the story was already written as a novel. I had no intention of illustrating the whole thing, just up to the end of Book II. Basically, the comic was supposed to end right before this chapter. The goal was met, and I just kept going. Why stop now? I am definitely considering some changes with the art though, and perhaps a more frequent updating schedule. This comic may morph into a strip style (like What it Takes, except in color), and update Monday/Thursday. I know I've been saying that for awhile, I'm just taking my time. No need to rush a change. I expect at the end of this chapter (about 7 or so more pages), will start the new format. I don't fancy such a radical shift in the middle of an on-going chapter.

And let me tell you, the next chapter may just blow your socks off...hehehe.

Some truly stressful and awesome things are going on in my life right now though, so I don't know how consistent updating will be in the coming weeks. I'm finishing up my master's at Roswell Park Cancer Institute this May/June, and am trying like mad to do all the experiments in the lab necessary to ALSO get a paper out. The research is really cool, and I want to wrap it up right. I was also accepted into SUNY Upstate's (Syracuse, NY) MD/PhD program, and that starts at the beginning of June, meaning I have to move. Again. Bugger. I HATE moving. So, on top of all that, I now have to find a place to live in a city about 3 hours away when I don't even have a car at the moment to drive out there. Moving sucks in general. Moving with pets sucks worse.

What I'm getting at here is, I'm going to try very hard to get updates out, but I make no promises in the coming months. Odds are though, that since this is my stress relief, I'll find a way.

Thank you, all you readers, for your support over the years and all the comments you leave. <3

Go back three pages to view a FANTASTIC (in Austin Stevens accent) fan art by Robin Dempsey of Ley Lines Ley Lines (previously of Shades of Grey! I adore at of Ehranah, because she's one of my favorite characters and she totally doesn't get enough screen time. Fun fact: Ehranah is based off one of my best friends.