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Birthday Present: Strength

October 10, 2010

It was my birthday over the weekend, so I was at my parents' away from my computer. No comics got done on my end, but Mary of fellow SpiderForest comic Avernyght spent many wonderfully obsessed hours drawing me this tarot-card-inspired fan art (that whenever I look at it, I giggle uncontrollably). You see, Mary has this "theory" that Vrin and Ravar are going to end up together. I have no comment on this theory, nope, none at all. Ahem.

Mary drew Ravar in his greyken form here, which hasn't appeared in the comic since before I could draw somewhat passably. To settle all accounts, she drew him PERFECTLY. Clan Rraseth (of which Ravar and his brother Mersnai both belong) has lion-like greyken. Ravar's form is supposed to be a black lion with a bit more of a wolfish face. AND LOOK AT THOSE PUPPY EYES d'aww. And the placement of Vrin and Ravar here is based on an equalizing of strengths between the two of them. Mary filled me in on the symbolism of the card; the beautiful maiden calms and somewhat gentles/balances the strong beast in most of the card illustrations. Although, in the case of these two, they both have their own beasts to handle, eh?

Also, we were betting that Ravar's bum must be very comfortable and fuzzy. Comics return next week! In the meantime, go check out Mary's many stories! Here is her archive! Thank you so much, Mary! <3 <3 <3

Comment replies

Xanthine: Yes, the bath is the most important step! >_> *cough*

Wynni: Perhaps...perhaps...

Darwin: ;)

Chapter 9 Part I: Page 5

October 3, 2010

Two updates on time, in a row! Am I getting back on track? NO WAY.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Ustream probably know that this story is based on a novel I wrote (and rewrote a few times) a few years back. The beginning hundred or so pages of this comic have little in common with the story in its current form, and so its always a bit difficult/fun to try and merge what happened in the comic version with the changes reflected in the edited novel. This chapter here has always been very difficult for me, I hope I get it right this time around. Which reminds me...I probably ought to get a bit further ahead with editing since I'm almost out of script!

For the first time months, I had a weekend without pressing assignments or commissions AND access to my computer. I didn't participate in 24 Comics Day, but I DID work on my comics all day. If you visit the forum you will find a few cool new images up there, including a planned redesign of this half of the site. Fans of my other comic, What it Takes (rated R) might find some other cool tidbits...

Comment Replies

Sayanni: No, that blood is from him digging his fingers into the dirt in a vain attempt to claw his way to freedom. Whee.

Dad: The fact that you comment on THIS depressing/bloody page scares me a bit.

Jemelis: What you did to Zair made me go :( I await his revenge as well!

Darwin: Yay, I was going for that!

Wynni: may be a bit ;)