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MKL Contest Results

August 30, 2009


Here's the dealio guys, due to school, travel and family, the comic will be updating on TUESDAYS for September. My prime comic-making time is getting a big 'ol chunk taken out of it, so that's my fix. Come back tomorrow for a new page! (Vote to see the sketch of it.)

The Make Kez Laugh Contest Results!

The contest winners are as follows: Third Place: Lady Nilstria; Second Place: Jennifer Rawls; First Place: Briana Higgins! Prizes have already been sent out, I apologize for the late notification here on the site. I hadn't had a chance to update anything here all week, but winners were notified Monday (the 24th) night. Thank you everyone who entered! You get a prize too, read down to the bottom here.

Today's winner is Lady Nilstria, who snagged third place with this entry of Dr. Kez. Samurai mask with my flying wolf symbol? Made of Win. Scalpel and blood splatters? Yes please! Creepy inquisitive question about your health (and the wrong answer could kill you)? OH HECK YEAH. Kez will be a doctor to be feared, and now I have a visual standard to live up to! Thanks Lady Nilstria!

You guys might remember how I said I was going to videotape my reactions to each of the entries. Well, plans of mine have a habit of falling flat on their face! The camera was indisposed at a far more important function, namely, the graduation of my big bro from OCS! SOMEBODY got his butterbar on the 28th. Congrats, bro! (I made him cookies). Now he's home for 4 weeks to "work" at the local recruiting station. He's gonna gain back all that weight he lost in Basic, BAH HAH HAH!

But yes, anyways, that means, no video of me pissing myself with laughter. Yes.

Come back tomorrow for the second place winning entry and a new comic page! Remember, all entrants will be getting the URL of my top-secret wallpaper gallery as my thanks for all the laughs. Check your inboxes tomorrow! Thanks everyone, you are awesome. <3.

Chapter 8 Page 20

August 24, 2009

So sorry for the late page everyone! I didn't have a chance at all to get on the internet or finish it before I left my parents' house, and I didn't even get internet installed in my apartment until today...uh...20 minutes ago. Vote for a sketch of next week's page, BTW!

The Make Kez Laugh Contest is closed! Winners will be announced tonight! I won't be able to do the video like I wanted (the camera is being packed for a trip to Georgia and I was not allowed to take it), but you guys have waited long enough! I'll be judging tonight, and hopefully, laughing my butt off! <3 Everyone who submitted an entry will get at least a prize of the private wallpaper gallery. Some cool pics in there!

On Today's Page

Yeah, yeah, a lot of you saw this coming. Was Ehranah stating her true feelings of what she thought of Ravar's actions? Perhaps. Was it nastier than it needed to be, intentionally getting him angry? Damn sure. But it appears the Key wanted Ravar and Ehranah BOTH in there, and has made sure they both have a way out. The Key is alive, remember? It orchestrates events. It will do what it must to protect the Keeper, and therefore, itself.

From Earth to Heaven (the next origin comic)

I have one page of this complete, but it's definitely not going to start this month. Looking more like October. I'm 5 pages from the end of scripting it as well. It will be full color, with some heavier inks, so more time intensive. I want a nice-sized buffer by the time midterms roll around.

What it Takes (a strip comic to start in January)

I have about 15 weeks of this scripted, one strip done, and another almost done. I'm still experimenting with the style, but this comic is on track to start in January. I hope you guys will like it!

That's all from me. Check back tonight for the results of the Make Kez Laugh Contest! Whoo!