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May 4, 2009

Yes, yes, I'm LATE. First page of my 5th year, and it's LATE. Please rub it in. It's coming though! You can view as part of a (very long) tutorial I'm putting up over on my DevART.

Today's gift art is a portrait of Ravar (SMILING! He is SMILING! OR AT LEAST GRINNING LIGHTLY! He does not have a snarl! Soak it in fangirls!) and it comes from the talented Xouri of, whose site you should totally check out! Tutorials, and a gallery full of awesome pics!

So head over to her site until I wake up at noon and finish this (it's 4am guys....*dies*) and don't forget to check out the EIGHT previous pieces still up in the archives from all the other wonderful gift-givers!

Thank you so much, Xouri! Again, her site is over here! I will put everyone's links up on this post as soon as I am not dead. G'night!


Art by Lady Nilstria, with Colby Purcell's character Teitnl from the story Illusionist's Apprentice





MAY 1:

From Sayanni/SOLI-starrunner, whose DevART page can be found here!

MAY 2:

MAY 3:

PHEW! I think that's everyone! Thanks for helping to make this the best birthday EVER guys! <3 <3 <3! I'll be getting permanent links to all of you up in the gallery and on my links page very soon!