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November 23, 2008

I'm going to point out 2 things you all might have noticed...or might not have. First, Ayenroki don't speak [human languages] using contractions. They consider it a mangling of the tongue. For this reason, they sound purposefully...stuffy. So, please notice Mersnai is the only Ayenroki you've met who uses contractions.

Second, I've mentioned it in passing before, and even answered a Cast Q/A about it (OMG, the art is so bad and oooold), but I'd like to repeat myself: pay attention to what side the Njinn (blue-steeled knife) is sheathed. It may become the future...

More cookie crumbs!

  • First, Ehranah is really digging on Mersnai when says that bit about foresight. If you'll remember, Mersnai said something very similar on page 27. Imagine the Gobi desert. Ehranah is drier.

  • Do you remember what Ravar said about the Ashi-Ka? He couldn't "unknot" them.
  • And my, Ehranah does NOT look happy stomping up those stairs. She hasn't been pleased with ANYTHING since you met her, has she?

I was accepted into a really nice ad network earlier last week, and this will inevitably mean more ads on the page. Long story short, my family is short on money since a parent lost a job, despite my efforts and a college diploma, I can't seem to land a job in a field that I have actual experience in, and when you need money, that whole, "I'm above tons of ads on my site" kinda goes out the window.

If you guys could fill out a survey for that ad network for me, I'd really appreciate it. It'll only take 5 minutes, and it'll make me more money by allowing me get more variety in ads. Please do not try to click on ads to help me! I am not paid by the click, but instead by CPM--by thousand views. So, don't click the ads, just bring your friends over! :3

I would also like to re-point out the War of Winds donator wallpaper gallery. A one-time donation of 5 dollars gets you permanent entrance, so every time a new wallpaper is added in the future, you get it too! And oh yeah, I do commissions--art and websites!

Speaking of commissions, go check out the new site I made for my friend Darwin! Her site is farther ahead on Drunk Duck, but she also has a Comic Genesis mirror. If you guys remember, Darwin is that awesome person who seems to have made it her personal mission to color the Not Alone archives! She has another one up, so go see!

Not Alone returns December 3rd! Remember to check back here that Thursday! ---- Some webcomic/TV/Game news some of y'all might not have heard:

Hero by Night being made into a TV series?

But wait...Platinum Studios didn't bother to inform DJ Coffman? Wow. That's just really...rude.

Finally--FINALLY--Elfquest is getting made into a[n animated] movie! I'm a little late on this one, but for so long there had been rumors about it I totally forgot!

Sci-Fi is ending Stargate Atlantis? Seriously, WTF guys? It's the most popular show on the network! Every other new series they've come up with (except for 1/50 episodes of Ghost Hunters) has totally blown! Do we remember the utter failures of the Flash Gordon remake? The clones of Doom and Area 51? First The Dresden Files, then SG-1 and now Atlantis. *headdesk of sorrow*

Legend of the Seeker, based on Terry Goodkind's books, has so far, IMHO, been an utter failure. After the awesomeness of the first 10 minute of the first episode, I had really high hopes. And then came the episode about the "evil map-maker," and then tonight's episode about "the true listener." You know what? I take it back. The acting of the kid as the Listener far surpassed just about everyone else. It MAY have been the best episode since the pilot. BTW, who recognizes (from their nightmares) the role Zedd once played? Hmm? C'mon! I spent five minutes staring at a paused DVR frame, and then I screamed. Who knows what I'm talking about? Cookies for who guesses it!