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July 27, 2008

The quick stuff before the important stuff:

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The War of Winds on

1) I've been asked this a lot recently: when does this comic update? It has updated on MONDAYS for years now. It says so on the front page. It does not update bi-monthly, monthly, or rarely. It updates on Mondays, and sometimes even on Wednesdays, when I get a Cast Q/A done.

2) Na Rraal explanation (a previous comic).

3) Puchita: translates to "pet" or "lackey." An insult, obviously, though that should have been obvious by the tone in which it was said. EDIT: Aww, crap. This doesn't mean anything bad in Spanish or anything, does it? It kinda resembles...another bad word.

4) I saw the new X-files movie on opening day. I'd give it a 5/10. It was like a really long X-files episode, but was not as "creepy" as advertised. I went for the creep-factor that Chris Carter was supposed to bring back. All in all, it was alright. Not great, but alright. <3 Duchoveny.



This is the last update before August hiatus. DON'T GO AWAY YET. Starting in the 2nd week of August, there will be a side-comic updating, brought to you by GUEST ARTISTS I have yet to find. I will be sketching this side comic, and guest inkers + colorists will be finishing the pages.

If you're interested in being and inker or colorist, AND CAN WORK ON A DEADLINE OF ONE WEEK, please go here!.



#1: Be aware. Wherever you walk, whoever you walk past, the feeling in the air. Unaware people paint themselves as a target. They look at their feet when they walk, they yap on their cells and zone the world out, they LOOK scared/lost, or they ignore that little voice deep inside that says, "be careful!"

An example: When you are walking down a parking lot at night, do you walk next to parked cars, or down the middle of the street? The latter! You have clear view on either side, and no one will surprise you by jumping out.

This is the most important self-defense tip you'll ever get. I'll post one at every update.