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The War of Winds is an epic fantasy webcomic about a young man named Talon...who is more than he seems. When he takes a flat, blue-steeled ring from a dying woman's hand, he finds himself granted near immortality from mortal wounds, while at the same time, he is dying faster than ever.

Talon quickly finds himself on the run, hunted by a mythical race of half-human, half-beasts called the "Ayenroki," who claim guardianship of what he took. Can Talon find an ally and save himself before time--and fate--catches up with him?

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What it Takes: Six years after the human race is nearly destroyed, those that are left have to figure out how to survive in a world they never anticipated outside of nightmares.

With over 97% of the global population dead, the majority of cities are are empty, and those still occupied are controlled by gangs warring for control of limited resources. The modern world has ceased to exist, and the weak are exploited by the strong. In short, there is no government, no comforts, and no place for compassion in the cruel, new world.

But there is hope. A City in a Place (or rather, A SIT-E in APPLEYS) is said to have an elected government, working technology, and the ability to protect its resources. The City is also looking for new long as they meet certain qualifiications. Too bad everyone wants what they've got!

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Be aware this comic is journey of nearly a decade worth of artistic development
Chapter 10: Face ot Face

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read Not Alone

Relan is just a poor farm girl eking out a meager existence with her family, but then she starts to dream about laces she's never seen before. Though she is scared of what she sees, she knows she must leave home anyway to discover for herself what's real, and what's not.

Fen Aya Zen is a young Keyen of Clan Keeshin who can see through the eyes of a young girl in a far-away land. He knows that he, and the girl, are a Shan Pair, destined for a life of adventure and danger... unless one of them dies before meeting. He must choose between his Clan and this stranger in his mind, before the choice is taken from him.

A 49-page origin story of two characters that appear in Chapter 10 of The War of Winds.
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