Not Alone Cast of Characters Main Cast (in order of appearance):

RELAN ("Re-LAWN"): the only daughter of Warro (father) and Cei (mother), she has 7 brothers. Not too long ago, Relan started to see visions of a far-away forest, and the "monsters" that live there. Tired of being afraid of what she sees, she decides to go to that forest and find out the truth.

FEN AYA ZEN: the only surviving pup of Shaga No Rok, Fen Aya Zen (or, translated, "Swiftly Comes the Hunter") is a young Keyen of Clan Keeshin, living high in the northern mountains. When he starts to have visions of a young, human girl to the south, he knows that he is Shan--A Guardian--and that they will be drawn to each other until they meet, or one of them dies. He must decide if being Shan is a gift, or a mistake of the First Ones.

Supporting Characters (also in order of appearance):

LUNO: Relan's younger brother. He is the only one she trusted with knowledge of her "visions."

WARRO: Relan's father, who is often very proud of his many sons, but rarely shows much affection to his only daughter. Despite this, he cares for her deeply.

RAHN: The West Wind. He rescued Relan from drowning in the sea, and brought her to the shores of the Unclaimed Territories, the Keyen Homeland.

ARUNU: A woman who found Relan hiding in a cave. Though she wanted to, she could not help Relan, and had to leave.
OLD TOOTHACHE: An Elder of Clan Keeshin, who is said to have a "long memory." He advises Fen Aya Zen to let Relan die, rather than becoming Shan.
SHAGA NO ROK: Literally, "Moonrise over Mountains." Fen Aya Zen's mother, she counsels him to pursue being Shan.
SKODA: bonded to a Keyen of Clan Xor, Skoda is a Shan who tries his hardest to avoid additional responsibility.
GRIN TA KUL: Literally, "Flows over Old Bones," Grin is bonded to the human Skoda and does her best to have fun at others' expenses.


December 31, 2011

New Site

Hello readers!

As of Jan 1, 2011 this site has been completely redone in anticipation of these characters appearing in The War of Winds. All the comic pages have been updated with the print version's. However, out of gratitude for those wonderful readers who have BOUGHT the book (or the epilogue), the epilogue is still purchase-only. Not Alone is now out of print and I don't plan on getting more, so only the digital version of the story is available.

As always, thank you for your support! I hope you have enjoyed/are enjoying this story.