About Not Alone
Not Alone is a side-comic to The War of Winds. It was originally intended to give me (Kez) a break from a very art-intensive storyline, and also give me something fun and different to do. It updated all through August 2008 to complete Arc I, but due to an unforeseen popularity, I decided to continue it, and give it its own site. It is now complete at 49 pages, with a 3-page colored epilogue that can be purchased for just over 3.39.

The story is presented in 3 arcs: “Relan’s Story,” “Swiftly Comes the Hunter,” and “To be Shan.” “Relan’s Story” deals with Relan leaving home amid fears of what she sees, especially when she finds out that “monsters” called “Keyen” are behind her visions. “Swiftly Comes the Hunter” explores the truth behind the Keyen, and introduces Fen Aya Zen, a Keyen of Clan Keeshin, who shares Relan’s visions. “To be Shan” concludes the story, and focuses on what it means to be a member of a Shan pairing, and the responsibilities of Shan. The 3 page epilogue is an extra that is not necessary to end the story, but acts as more of a bridge between the end of Not Alone and the beginning of my other comic, The War of Winds.

Each arc is 16 pages long, and the final page of each arc is colored.

Not Alone introduces the back-story to characters who do not appear in The War of Winds until chapter 10. For more information, please see The War of Winds' about page.

To contact Kez, email warofwinds (AT) gmail.com

December 31, 2011

New Site

Hello readers!

As of Jan 1, 2011 this site has been completely redone in anticipation of these characters appearing in The War of Winds. All the comic pages have been updated with the print version's. However, out of gratitude for those wonderful readers who have BOUGHT the book (or the epilogue), the epilogue is still purchase-only. Not Alone is now out of print and I don't plan on getting more, so only the digital version of the story is available.

As always, thank you for your support! I hope you have enjoyed/are enjoying this story.