Creations Dropdown List:
This dropdown list is for any epic comics artists that have created a world whose rules are different than Earth's, or who have also spent the time creating a full history of their world. This could be magic use, different rules of physics/nature, or also could include those who, like myself, have put many hours into creating an entire world (past/present/future) . Different races do not really count, nor do furry or elf comics, unless the very basics of their world are different, or in their creation, you have made an entire unqiue history. I'm doing this to distance those comics from a normal fantasy dropdown list. This isn't a casual list of comics simply set in another environment. It's more for people who have tried to play god and created a new world. To join, email me at or post here. Please include your comic's name, the URL, and why your comic should join the Creations list.

Chronicles Dropdown List:

This dropdown list is for comic creators who are also authors of any genre of story that deals directly or indirectly with the world and/or characters of their comic. There are some restrictions to list, mainly that story must be free to read, though not necessarily in it's entirety. This list will not direct to any page to buy the work where it cannot be read. The story must also be updated occaisonally or be finished, and must be hosted on a site without pop-ups (such as angelfire/geocities). It must also have proper/easy navigation, and for goodness' sake MUST be spellchecked. To join, email me at or post here. Please include your story's name, URL, main genre (also include if it's a fan-fic or original), a summary, and how it relates to your comic.



Elite Dropdown List:

This is a dropdown for anyone selling anything comic related, books, merchandise, figurines, wallpapers, secret comic epilogues, the works. Comic creators should be able to make some money off of their work, and that's the goal for this dropdown. To join, email me at or post here. Please include:

1) Comic Name
2) What's for sale: (like comic book, figurine, T-shirts, etc)
3) Name of what's for sale (if applicable)
4) URL of either the page where it's for sale, or a page with information about what you have for sale. Not your main page please.

So, a fake example ('cause I've got nothin' for sale):

1) The War of Winds
2) Comic Book
3) "The First War"

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